The Ivy Adonis Lovin'

At Ivy Adonis, a percentage of every sale goes towards supporting the educational needs of underprivileged girls in Ghana and Nigeria in the hopes of freeing them from the shackles of the toxic patriarchal systems we all operate in. 
We work hard on building and maintaining professional relationships, and connections, with women in the workforce. To date, all but one of the freelancers we have worked with have been women - we will note that they were hired based on their expertise, craft(wo)manship and their innate talent.
This conscious decision was extremely important to us because women are more likely to work part time and more likely to require flexibility in the way they work. These needs generally result in earning less than men. Additionally, in 2021, more women than men were furloughed with a loss of pay.
We are working towards building a better, more stable and fairer society for women.