The Brand

Anyone, Anytime, Anyplace'

This is basically our mantra and what motivates us.
We created our pieces so that they could be worn at home, worn out and about during the day or out in the evenings. Our pieces are also genderless, so can be worn by anyone.

Our stuff

Made with Grade 6A 100% Mulberry 19 momme silk, this is the highest grade of silk available.
A fun fact - our sizing is generous too.  This is deliberate in order to allow a comfortable fit that gives you flexibility in the ways you can wear our pieces.
We encourage you to size down, if you prefer a slimmer fit or to tailor it to your exact measurements. These are investment pieces, so you should feel your best when you are wearing them!
We take our time to design, make and craft our pieces. Just have a look at our attention to detail, like our silk printed cover buttons, side split on our trousers allowing for versatile footwear and styling, and cuff length allowing you to seamlessly fold up to create your desired look. 
Another fun fact - our silk keeps you cool in warm weather and fairly warm in cooler weather.
Every single one of our pieces is unique and designed exclusively by us in London, and handmade to order in a London studio.


We are all about sustainability and wanted to create great quality pieces that would also stand the test of time.
Our experienced and trusted silk manufacturers are STANDARD 100 OEKO-TEX® rated, meaning high product safety and confidence is achieved by ensuring every component of our products, from the threads to buttons, are harmless to human health.
Every part of the way we operate factors in our need to reduce waste and limit the use of products which are harmful to the environment. Take our packaging for instance, we don't waste resources on stickers, ribbons and loads of unnecessary tissue paper. We use recycled stock card, paper and shipping boxes. We have designed our slim line branded boxes so that they can be stored easily in wardrobes or repurposed within the home, and our eco-friendly scented tissue paper can be used as drawer liners. 


We're keen to see how you guys get on with our pieces, so share your pictures using the above hashtag and so we can share them on our social media.